8. Adding Properties (Overview)

expertweb properties list

There are two ways that ExpertWeb helps you manage properties on your website.

1. Via a database feed from your back-office system. In which case the ‘property’ section does not appear within your CMS as they will continue to be managed from your software provider.

2. If you don’t have a software provider you can opt to manage the properties from your website’s CMS. Depending upon your requirements we will configure the site to post them to Rightmove and other portals as required.

From your dashboard select ‘Properties’ and you will see a list of the properties that you have added.

Click NEW to add a new property. This will take you to the property details section of the property where you can complete all the fields you need to add the property (see separate article that covers this in more depth).

Click SAVE to store the property details in the database. Once you have saved a property you can then add media etc as follows

From the list view click the additional content you want to add / amend:

– Details. This is the section that you forst see when creating a NEW property. It controls all the settings of the property and database requirements for the main portals. Update / amend each field as required; including the status of the property when it is sold, let etc.

– Media. This is where you manage the photo library, the floor-plans, EPC charts etc for the property.

– Features. This is where you add a bulleted list of the main features for each property

– Location. This is where you manage the Google location map, pin and street view default view as required.

For more detailed descriptions of each of these topics (details, media, features, location) see the separate articles that we have produced.