9. Property Details

expertweb property details

When you add a NEW property you are taken to the property details view which includes all the database fields etc that are required by the various property portals. Linking to a portal is optional. If this is required we will manage the integration of this with you whilst we are building your website.

Not all fields are required when adding a new property – complete as much information as you want to display. The database fields that we use match the Rightmove database structure. The only mandatory fields are:

1. The listing type (sales or lettings) this will determine where the property displays in your website and presented different database fields for completion.

2. Which branch the property is assigned to

3. The status of the property

4. The property type

5. The display address

6. The property price

7. The short description for the property (this is what display in the list view on your site)

8. The long description for your property (this is what displays on the property item page)

All other fields are optional.

Note: For the property to display on your website you must tick the ‘Should the property be visible’ box beneath where it says ‘Published’.

Click SAVE when you have finished adding the property details and then return to the main properties listing section of your site to add media etc as required.